Melting Pot Bank Holiday Sunday Special

w/ special guest Sadar Bahar (Soul In The Hole, Chicago)


11.00pm - 4.00am


Over 18s

Sadar Bahar

This is one of the most eagerly awaited debuts we've had at Melting Pot for a very long time. Sadar Bahar has been on our radar for many years now, and can't wait to finally have him play for us.

Sadar's mixes have been filtering onto the internet for many years now, with whole selections of amazing music that were totally unknown to us. That's not really a surprise as Sadar has cultured a reputation of finding the impossibly rare records that mark him out from all other DJs. He finds those overlooked b-sides and continues the hunt for those records that everyone else has missed.

"I'm always looking for something deeper that no one else is playing," said Bahar, who scours music stores, thrift shops and libraries across the globe for classic records. "I have about 14,000 records in all," he says. "I probably have one of the largest Fela collections on wax, too."

He's not one to play records simply because they are rare. He plays music with soul and funk, that rock the dancefloor. "I like live instrumentation," said Bahar, "especially if it has a good vocalist." Funk jazz by Roy Ayers and Black Smoke, disco by Minnie Riperton, B-side dance songs by Patti LaBelle and the Bluebells, or Afrobeat by Fela Kuti are just a sample of the hard-to-find tunes Bahar throws into the mix.

Recently he's been the stand out performer at the festivals he's played at. He was the star of the show at Southport last year, and is back to give them more at Suncebeat this summer. Gilles Peterson has been raving about him at his Worldwide Festival and Floating Points recently had him play at his roadblocked London party at Corsica Studios. These guys know a special talent!

This is going to be more of the most exciting disco nights of the year, with Melting Pot and the Sub Club joining forces to do it right!

Sadar is vinyl only, just the way we like it!

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