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Lizabett Russo - ...
Aberdeen-based singer-songwriter Lizabett Russo stands out in the most cluttered of genres, marked out by her Transylvanian heritage and her wealth of travelling experience. She brings a diverse and eclectic range of influences to her tracks, which move from traditional acoustic ballads to up-tempo jazz – and just about everything else in between.

Now a mainstay on the live circuit in the North-east of Scotland, she honed her craft in her native Romania, as well as taking a year to live in London and learn the ropes in a new country. Renowned for her intricate songwriting, vocal range and cross-genre appeal, she has impressed audiences wherever she has landed. In 2013, she released her acclaimed EP entitled The Traveller’s Song, which found favour with online publications from across Europe, the US and Canada. Her stock across Europe is high, having played sold-out shows in her home city of Brasov, as well as playing gigs in Amsterdam and Zurich, while her presence in Aberdeen has led to venues including The Lemon Tree and Woodend Barn. Having lived in London for one year she has played in some of the UK’s most renowned places such as The Troubadour and Proud Camden.

A prolific songwriter, the live act is now a 3-piece, breaking away from the traditional solo performer role and giving a new complexity to her work. In early 2014, she plans to continue to tour and promote The Traveller’s Song, before releasing a new record later in the year.

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Amy Hawthorn -
Singer/Songwriter from West Lothian, Scotland, signed to Music Comes First Records which seen success of her Début single 'Hungry For You' reaching #1 in the iTunes charts.
Amy has been a professional singer for the last 7 years and performing for the last 15. Starting in local singing competitions as a youngster and then getting involved with the local Stage School in 2002. From there she started singing lessons with Fred O’Neil, singing teacher to Susan Boyle! He got Amy very involved in the jazz scene and she was hooked on the open mic nights, falling completely in love with Jazz music.
Amy Hawthorn's musical style conforms to Jazz, swing, soul and blues also known to be reaching HipHop with fellow MCFR Artist Madhat McGore

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Becci Wallace -

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