Chester P ( Task Force)

Ransom BadBones, M.A.B Abnoxshuz, Twizzy Jinxsta & Jca




Chester P, is a highly respected rapper in the UK hip-hop scene. A founding member of Taskforce, Mud Family and Bury Crew, Chester earns particular praise for his freestyle capability. His rap name is taken from a psychedelic British comic book from the 1970s, "Brainstorm" (written by Bryan Talbot). His lyrics are as notable for their leaning towards mythology and esoteric as for their descriptions of life on the streets of north London..

Task Force are a British hip hop group from Highbury in London, England. The group is led primarily by two brothers Chester P (vocals, song writing and occasional music production) and Farma G (vocals, song writing and music production). However, the Task Force family, according to Chester P, also includes DJ Louis Slipperz (music production), Ramson BadBones (vocals and songwriting), Remus, D.Molish, Inja MC (Delegates of Culture, Cambridge), Calculus, Merkamillion, Blinks, and Marley.[citation needed] Task Force officially formed in 1999, releasing their debut album New Mic Order.
London/Bristol collective Abnoxshuz Entertainment release another quality EP in the form of “The Taster”. This time round, it’s MC/Producer JCA in the spotlight, ably assisted by the likes of Twizzy, Ramson Badbonez, M.A.B. and Jinxsta among others. Highlight’s for me include the smokey anthem “Fucked Up” with Flem and “The War Room” with Jinxsta and Hizkit.

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