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For 35-plus years songwriter Allan Taylor has been considered the consummate performer, a writer of literary gracefulness whose troubadour chronicles encapsulate the realism of otherwise unsung heroes, otherwise uncharted lives. His songs, faultlessly constructed, are flawlessly performed with his instantly recognisable voice, attractively dark and mellow, and his intricately detailed and full-sounding guitar. As Allan says at the beginning of each concert, "Sit back and enjoy the journey."

In May 2012 Stockfisch Records will be releasing an Allan Taylor collected works double CD entitled "Down the Years I Travelled ... " which will contain twenty songs from his CDs that were released between 1982 and 1995, plus one specially written bonus track. In April Allan will be recording a collection of new songs for a new CD, to be released some time later in the year. One song, "Plenty for the Few" has already been recorded by Tom McConville (for which when he performed it at the Festival Hall in London he got a standing ovation). Two other prominent singers are also working on the song for their respective new CDs.This year’s plan for Allan is: German tours in May and October, Austrian tour in June, two major festivals in Denmark (Strib and Skagen) and a tour of Denmark in September. Tours of England and Scotland will begin on 9 November and go through to the middle of December.

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