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Haujobb, Je$us Loves Amerika




Front Line Assembly return to Scotland to promote their new album ECHO GENETIC.

Support comes from Haujobb & Je$us Loves Amerika

Front Line Assembly (FLA) is a Canadian electro-industrial band formed by Bill Leeb in 1986 after leaving Skinny Puppy. Influenced by early electronic and (post-)industrial acts such as Cabaret Voltaire, Portion Control, D.A.F., Test Dept, SPK, and Severed Heads,[1] FLA has developed its own unique sound while combining elements of electronic body music (EBM). The band’s membership has rotated through several members over the years, including Rhys Fulber and Michael Balch who are both associated with several other successful artists.

Haujobb was formed in 1993 by Daniel Myer, Dejan Samardzic, and Björn Junemann, pulling the name from the Blade Runner translation of “skin job”. They were soon signed to Off Beat, and began distributing their music in North America via Pendragon Records. 1995 saw the departure of band mate Björn, and the lineup has consisted of Daniel and Dejan ever since. After Metropolis Records acquired Pendragon, the two musicians have been able to spread their music to a larger fanbase in North America, and have remained continuously popular in the European industrial music scene.
Over the course of their subsequent releases in the 1990s, they wove increasing amounts of drum’n'bass and IDM influence into their sound. 1999′s ‘NinetyNine’ was a sparse, downtempo collection of ambient electronic compositions. They have since reintroduced some of the more rhythmic elements back into their sound on their more recent albums, but have continued to experiment, drawing concepts from a wide variety of musical styles.
In Haujobb 2011 released a new album with the title “New World March” which according to the band uses more hardware, guitars, drums, and sound recordings compared to software based Vertical Theory of 2003.

Je$us Loves Amerika formed in 2001 as a three piece. Gerry McAleavy, Brydon Cheyney and Patrick Dougan felt like venting. A demo was recorded featuring two songs. Gigs followed – a first gig at Nice N Sleazy followed quickly by an appearance at Whitby goth Weekend. The album “Advanced Burial Technology” followed to positive reviews. The reward was an appearance at Infest, a second Whitby Goth Weekend slot, Haujobb support and the honour of “home” gigs at Bedlam club & room213 amongst others. Then it all went silent. Step forward to 2010 and the JLA machine started to flicker back to life. Supporting Nitzer Ebb allowed a welcome step forward into the foreground. JLA were back. Gerry McAleavy went mia, replaced by Anthony Johnston. Successful supports in London and Glasgow have given JLA a further taste for blood. Widening the initial agro-political angle, Jesus Loves Amerika have lots to say, and don’t fancy saying it quietly. 2011 promises much for JLA: A new CD sees the band working with Evil E, whose CV includes the legendary Front 242 and Autodafeh. On the live front 2011 promises much for JLA too, a UK mini tour with Concrete Lung and Digicore, a support slot with Modulate and more tba. 2011. Time for the second coming.

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