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Sin + Illy Still Alive

Directed by Maria Hengge

First Feature Competition

Germany | 2014 | 70′

Sin and Illy have a plan: on a Greek island they want to get ‘clean’ on their own. But the intention of the two girls fails already on the way to the airport. Finally Sin realizes she has to go the way out of heroin addiction all alone.

*This screening is in collaboration with The Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival.

Shorts selection: Cracked | Arcade | After | Guide to fatal development

Cracked by Claudia Holmes | Australia | 2015 | 6′ | Shorts Competition | A little girl’s world is changed as her fathers mental health deteriorates.

Arcade by Megan Chambers | Australia | 2015 | 10′ | Shorts Competition: Female Perspective | Maggie is stuck in a dead-end job, supervising old games in a run-down arcade. She’s an avid reader of how-to books, but struggles to put theory into action. On a fateful bus trip she meets Ferdinand, a free-spirited and eccentric retiree, who teaches her that there’s no how-to book for life.

After by Chris Chan | Canada | 2015 | 9′ | Shorts Competition | When Ed returns home to pick up the pieces of his shattered life he finds himself bombarded by the reminders of all that he lost in the weeks prior; his young daughter, Ellie, his wife, Julia, and the happiness they all once shared together.

Guide To Fatal Development by Scott Willis | UK | 2015 | 1′ | Shorts Competition | Self-animated sixty second satirical short. Guide To Fetal Development sheds light on the influence social media has on the fetal development process.

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