Two Sevens Clash 40th Anniversary :

Culture feat. Kenyatta Hill, Kenneth Dayes, Albert Walker, Joe Gibbs


7pm - 11pm


To all our dear friends and fans:
We sincerely regret that we l have to postpone this UK tour we have all been looking forward to.

Unforeseen delays in the visa confirmation of a key member have forced this upon us. We have just finished a very successful mainland European tour and had been waiting in Netherlands with air tickets in hand for an extra week in hopes of resolving this in time. Unfortunately is was not meant to be this time. We depart tomorrow for Jamaica with heavy hearts and will work to get this back on track as quickly as possible. We are confident that this will be fully resolved and all visas available way ahead of time next time.

Again, our deepest apologies for this situations and any issue it has caused.
Thank you for your patience and understanding
Kenyatta Hill, Albert Walker and Telford Nelson

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O2 ABC 2

300 Sauchiehall Street
United Kingdom
G2 3JA

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