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Autumn Tour celebrating the release of Rab Noakes new album “I’m Walkin’ Here”

Rab Noakes new album ‘I’m walkin’ here’, his nineteenth solo release, is a double-CD. Mixed in Mono and is what Rab’s calling ‘21st century Skiffle’. CD1 is a recently-written clutch of his own songs. CD2 is a wide-ranging selection of songs from the 1920s to the present. Rab’s current shows reflect this connection between the past and the present as his skills as a singer, guitar-player, songwriter, interpreter and storyteller are woven into an engaging mixture, guaranteed to enthral.

Review of ‘I’m Walkin’ Here’ by Rob Adams - extracts

Noakes the songwriter/composer with big ears and an open heart comes roaring out of the dozen originals that make up CD1 with equal force. This is Noakes, the musician who picked up on skiffle’s immediacy and vibrancy, and also the sophistication that lingered below its home-made façade, singing like he means it (and he always means it) with a band that exudes the warmth and camaraderie of the Basement Tapes.

In three minutes and five seconds we get a picture that draws together country twang, New Orleans medicine shows and the roots of Hank Williams, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bob Wills, Merle Haggard, and Bob Dylan as Noakes delivers a raw, emphatic subterranean homage blues to 1920s minstrel Emmett Miller.

If the entirety of these thirty-three tracks (there really should be 33 and 1/3 in a collection that’s so redolent of the vinyl age and yet still so current) conveys the extended reach of Noakes’ musical appetite and admiration, from the harrowing traditional ballad The Two Sisters to the buoyant pop of (Don’t Say) Money Doesn’t Matter, then one track captures his essence as a musical enthusiast: Where Dead Voices Gather.

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