WOFF...Closing: Awards & Screening




Closing Ceremony: Announcement of Awards for #WoFF2016 and Screening of Closing Film

Four Passports

Written & Directed by Mihajlo Jevtic

Focus on Balkan Cinema

Serbia | 2016 | 83′

Four Passports is a partly animated first-person documentary about emigration and identity in the aftermath of former Yugoslavia’s dissolution told from the perspective of filmmaker Mihajlo Jevtic. From the SFRY to today’s Serbia, from Mihajlo’s childhood into his adulthood: This is a film made by a guy about to leave his country, his emigrant’s suitcase. The story of four passports and one country – a farewell 25 years in the making.


Written & Directed by Dimitris Gkotsis

Shorts Competition: Focus on Balkan Cinema

Greece | 2014 | 12′

Spectrum is used to classify something in terms of it’s position on a scale between two extreme points. Documenting a slice in the life of five diferent people living in the heart of the city of Athens and the power relations between them. Priorities entwined, leading to misunderstandings and finally the absolute brutality.

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