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It is with great regret that due to unfortunate circumstances beyond the control of both SD Entertainment and Eric Martin we are forced to postpone Eric's solo acoustic tour set to begin on Thursday 4th December in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The circumstances in question relate to the laws of UK Visas and Immigration. Eric arrived into Heathrow, London, UK today Wednesday 3rd December for a connecting flight to Edinburgh, Scotland and was refused entry to the UK due to customs not being satisfied with 'legal documentation' and the supporting 'visa'. It has not been made clear to SD Entertainment nor Eric and his management of what specifically is required more so than usual as Eric has travelled the world including visiting UK & Ireland on Mr. Big and solo acoustic tours many times.

Eric Martin plans to make the tour up to all his fans in the UK in 2015 and regular updates will be posted by Eric himself on his Facebook page on the timing and progress of these new re-scheduled dates. All tickets will remain valid for the new dates.

All tickets remain valid

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Bannermans Bar

212 Cowgate
United Kingdom

Venue Details

SAT 29 APR 2017
Mactallica (Metallica) + Volts (AC/DC)
Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh8pm£8.00
SUN 30 APR 2017
Whitesnake Uk
Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh7.30pm £8.00
SUN 7 MAY 2017
Uli Jon Roth
Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh7.30pm£15.00
WED 10 MAY 2017
Colour Of Noise
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30pmCANCELLED
MON 22 MAY 2017
Of Virtue + Griever (UK)
Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh7.30pm£7.00
WED 24 MAY 2017
Barb Wire Dolls
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30pm £10.00
FRI 26 MAY 2017
101% Pantera
Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh7.30pm£8.00
WED 31 MAY 2017
Tim Ripper Owens
Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh7.30pm £12.00
FRI 2 JUN 2017
Ozzy Ozzspawn
Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh7.30pm£8.00
SAT 17 JUN 2017
Elvana (Elivs Fronted Nirvana)
Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh8pm£10.00
MON 19 JUN 2017
Chris Holmes "Mean Man" (W.A.S.P.)
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30pm £15.00
WED 21 JUN 2017
Kamikaze Girls + Nervus
Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh7.30pm£6.00
SAT 24 JUN 2017
Hellbound Hearts
Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh8pm£8.00
WED 28 JUN 2017
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30pm£8.00
WED 5 JUL 2017
The Fleshtones
Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh7.30pm£13.00
WED 19 JUL 2017
Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh£7.00
SAT 29 JUL 2017
Choking Susan
Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh8pm£7.00
WED 2 AUG 2017
Cheetah Chrome's Dead Boys
Feat Johnny Blitz
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30pm£13.00
FRI 4 AUG 2017
Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh7.30pm£7.00
FRI 18 AUG 2017
Hellbastard + Panzerbastard
Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh8pm£8.00
TUE 22 AUG 2017
Bullets & Octane
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 8pm£8.00
THU 24 AUG 2017
Junkyard & Circus of Power
Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh7pm£20.00
THU 26 OCT 2017
Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh7.30pm£15.00
WED 6 DEC 2017
Lionheart + Airrace
Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh8pm14.00
MON 18 DEC 2017
Beasto Blanco
Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh7.30pm£15.00