Mad Professor with Sister Aisha


8.00 p.m - 11.00 p.m.


Just how sane is the Mad Professor?

On the content of his character, and by the results of his recordings, he is one of
the sanest record producers.

The name Mad Professor was first given by friends at school, who were amazed
by the experiments he carried out as a youth.

Having built a radio and telephone system at the age of 10 years, it was no
surprise that his interest and subsequent career in electronics along with a love of
Motown, Philadelphia International, Treasure Isle and music of all types propelled
him onward.

The early Eighties, having built his own mixing desk, had launched Mad Professor
along with the Ariwa Studio/ label from his front room in Thornton Heath. Early
works include sessions with Ruts DC, Reggae Regulars, Merger, Jimmy Lindsay,
Mikey Dread, Johnny Clarke and many more international artists.
DUB ME CRAZY, the first in a 12 part series of albums, was to become his
beacon for the label. With an episode being issued every year, the titles all told a
different story.

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