Pharis & Jason Romero


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Pharis & Jason Romero
Canadian musicians and celebrated instrument makers Pharis & Jason Romero sing
vibrant duets, write deadly songs, play handmade banjos and love old a
Pharis & Jason have a classic story. When some scratchy old records
and a custom
banjo led to their meeting in 2007, they quickly knew they were in for the lo
haul. They've since released six records and toured across North America
and the
UK. They've won a Juno award, been featured on NPR Music, CBC, BBC, and Fol
Alley, and have performed on A Prairie Home Companion
CBC's The Vinyl Cafe.
They are passionate teachers and believers in many things folk, and their
heartbreakingly harmonic live show is an ever-evolving and never-ending quest
good songs and beautiful sounds.
Sweet Old Religion is the newest release from the duo. All originals, with lig
love and time leading the themes, it's a record that sounds like over
a decade of
playing and listening together. Part duets and part featuring guests, it

s Pharis &
Jason at their very finest, their most open. Produced by Marc Jenkins, engineered
by John Raham, with musical guests and a choir of family & friends, Sweet
Religion carries a wide spread of influences, spanning from early 1920s jazz,
and country to 1960s songwriters like Levon Helm and The Band. The album
features songs inspired by their deep love of old music and rural life, with archai
banjo tunings where Jason moves between several of his own handmade
instruments to bring out unique tones for each song.
Sweet Old Religion is available everywhere on May 18, 2018.


s something ancient and aching about the Romeros, a sound th
at feels
like a reverberation from the past, even as the songs are
a perfect antidote to
this sped-up, modern world. Sweet Old Religion is particu
larly good medicine


Their collaboration is fuelled by an intangible magic,
the rare quality that
makes a critic want to leave it at,

Just turn this album on; you

ll love it.


all the swing and sway, soaring harmony lines and musical
subtlety they're known for.

s beautiful.

beautifully crafted musicianship and singing


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