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Thirty years ago a band from Liverpool achieved three number one hits in
the charts and followed it with a million selling debut album. Frankie Goes To
Hollywood exploded in 1984 and imploded in 1987 leaving “Relax”, “Two Tribes”
and “The Power Of Love” as their epitaph.
Since the band’s demise guitarist Nasher has continued to make music. After
various band projects he embarked on a solo career in 1995 and has released
three albums with a fourth on the way. He recently took time out to write
“Nasher Says Relax”, an autobiography of his life to date as a musician, husband
and father of three.
It is the first time he has played in Scotland since his last visit in 1987 with FGTH.
Don’t come expecting Frankie, it would be impossible to re-create most of that
on an acoustic guitar, but there may be a little slice in there somewhere.

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