Becc Sanderson - Passionflower


Doors 9.30pm


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PassionFlower is a sensual, heady and exotic performance by vocalist Becc Sanderson.
Inspired by the emotional heart of the torch song, in Passionflower Becc Sanderson creates a truly theatrical experience, with elements of cabaret and performance carefully selecting and writing songs so that they become part of an emotional journey during the concert.
Becc incorporates songs by the likes of Tom Waits, Radiohead and Elvis Costello and worked with theatre director Duncan Kidd who transformed an eclectic collection of songs into a luminous performance of visual and aural flair.
Becc wanted to create a more theatrical experience with her music. Inspired by the emotional heart of the torch song and by Dumas' The Lady of the Camellias and Sherlock Holmes' The Woman, she burrows into the key essence of songs by the likes of Tom Waits, Radiohead and Elvis Costello, in addition to her own original material.
Not a word is spoken between each song as the show progresses from the sensual, electrical spark at love's beginning, through the poignancy of a mother's love, to the bitterness and rage at scorned love. Each flower, each song reveals more about the radiant Woman at the shows heart.
PassionFlower is a theatrical and musical experience of a performer at the height of her powers. This is Becc Sanderson's New Torch discovering its glow in dazzling new places, and shining her voice into the darker shadows of heartache and desire.

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