Gallon Drunk

Kochka, Jacob Yates & The Pearly Gate Lock Pickers




Gallon Drunk:

Often compared to dark and brooding sounds of such artists as Tom Waits, Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, and Morphine, the London quartet Gallon Drunk originally formed in 1990 but went their separate ways. Now they're back & on tour with a new album released in May this year - "The Road Gets Darker from Here". Led by singer and organist James Johnston, also a key member of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Gallon Drunk feature a similarly dark and foreboding take on Doors-influenced indie rock, but in place of Cave's obsessions with religious imagery, Johnston is a more literal lyricist with an occasionally jaundiced eye towards romance.

Support from Jacob Yates & The Pearly Gate Lockpickers - Blues Rock which will scare you into dancing beyond redemption.

And Kochka - Quite a special group they are! Expect maniacal sounds of the devil which'll convince you to waltz like a crazed Cossack on Moonshine

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