Let's Inherit The Earth


7.30 p.m


Following the award-winning success of 2017’s The Sky Is Safe, 2016’s Mungo Park – Travels in the Interior of Africa, and the continuing international success of the phenomenal The Tailor of Inverness, Dogstar teams up with one of Sweden’s leading independent theatre companies, Profilteatern of Umea, and turns to perhaps our greatest existential threat outside The White House – climate change – in a new
comedy by one of our most original and witty playwrights, Morna Pearson.
Let’s Inherit The Earth is a dark, funny, absurdist take on human responses to climate change, from the arch materialist who denies it, to the prepper obsessed with getting ready for it, come hell or high water !
Somewhere in the Caribbean, three turtles are staring in shock, disbelief
and helplessness at the expanding patch of seaweed which threatens to
destroy their habitat. The audience is the seaweed, and as each person takes
their seat, its mass grows. The seaweed also happens to be moving towards a
group of luxury beachfront condominiums, owned by wealthy Europeans.
Their concern is the threat to the value of their properties.
In Moray, a naïve couple have a list of things to buy in the town’s new
survivalist ‘prepper’ shop, to be ready for societal breakdown. The shop
owners prey upon their fears, and load them up with a ridiculous amount of
In Sweden, due to rising temperatures, much of the population has fled
North. A family in their mountain cabin are packing up to flee an approaching
forest fire. Knowing they may have to hike and live off the land for weeks, if
not months, they pack only essentials. As they’re about to leave, the son
asks what they’ll do with grandma, asleep upstairs.
Moray is flooded and all communications are down. The couple have hit the
road in search of a safe haven, weighed down by their kit, but feeling smug
that they prepped while so many didn’t.
After weeks on the road with no human contact, the two parties meet in a
forest, unsure of what country they are actually in. They pool resources and
set up camp. One by one, they disappear. Nature and wildlife seem to
flourish in their place.
In the Caribbean, the turtles swim for safety as the condo owners watch the
seaweed invasion take hold. It’s in their shoes; it pours out of their wine
bottles; it’s in their beds. As they become almost entombed in seaweed the
only option may be to metamorphose or die.
LET’S INHERIT THE EARTH promises to be yet another vital and original
touring production from Dogstar. It will run at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe
and then tour throughout Scotland and in Sweden.

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