Killing From A Distance

The Great Cull, The Hookers For Jesus




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Classic Grand

18 Jamaica Street
United Kingdom
G1 4QD

Venue Details

SAT 25 FEB 2017
Killing from a Distance / Tantrum
Cathouse, GlasgowDoors 7:30pm£8.00
FRI 3 MAR 2017
Mason Hill
and Massive Wagons
Cathouse, GlasgowDoors 7pmSOLD OUT
FRI 17 MAR 2017
U2 Tribute - Rattled and Hummin'
St. Patrick's Day Special
Hard Rock Cafe, GlasgowDoors 7pm£10.00
FRI 24 MAR 2017
Deeper Purple
Dio Apostles
Hard Rock Cafe, Glasgow7:00pm£10.00
FRI 31 MAR 2017
Simple Minded
+ support
Hard Rock Cafe, GlasgowDoors 7.30pm£10.00
FRI 7 APR 2017
Chris Glen Book Launch + Live Event
Hard Rock Cafe, GlasgowDoors 7:00pm£5.00
SAT 8 APR 2017
The Led Zeppelin Story- Unledded
Cathouse, GlasgowDoors 7:00pm£10.00
FRI 14 APR 2017
Big Foot
Doomsday Outlaw
Hard Rock Cafe, GlasgowDoors 7.00pm£10.00
FRI 21 APR 2017
Monumentum Tour : Plus special guests ONE DESIRE
The Cathouse, Glasgow7.00 p.m£10.00
Not The Sensational Alex Harvey Band
Hard Rock Cafe, GlasgowDoors 7:30pm£10.00
SAT 22 APR 2017
Rusted Hero + The Raging Sickness
Cathouse, GlasgowDoors 6:30pm£8.00
SAT 29 APR 2017
Classic Shock : Feat Whitesnake UK, Straight Shooter
Gunz N Roses Scotland, Pearl VS Jam
G2 (The Garage), GlasgowDoors 4.30pm£15.00
SAT 6 MAY 2017
Uli Jon Roth - Tokyo Tapes Revisited
Crystal Breed
Cathouse, GlasgowDoors 7:00pm£15.00
FRI 12 MAY 2017
Scopyons a tribute to the Scorpions
Hard Rock Cafe, Glasgow7.00 p.m£10.00
FRI 19 MAY 2017
Dave Gilmour / Pink Floyd Tribute
Palanca Y Cambio
Hard Rock Cafe, Glasgow7.00pm£10.00
SAT 20 MAY 2017
Stone Broken
G2 (The Garage), Glasgow7.00pm £10.00
SAT 27 MAY 2017
Metalleeka and 101% Pantera
Cathouse, GlasgowDoors 7.00pm£10.00
FRI 9 JUN 2017
Peat Loaf - Meat Loaf Tribute
Hard Rock Cafe, Glasgow7.00pm£10.00
FRI 16 JUN 2017
The Rising - Bruce Springsteen Tribute
Hard Rock Cafe, Glasgow7.00pm£10.00
SAT 12 AUG 2017
A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac
Oran Mor, GlasgowDoors 7:00pm£10.00
SAT 19 AUG 2017
Kiss GB
G2 (The Garage), GlasgowDoors 7:00pm£10.00
SAT 7 OCT 2017
Skid Row tribute - Subhuman Race
Cathouse, GlasgowDoors 7:00pm£10.00