Double Headliner '30th Anniversary UK Tour'


Doors 7:00pm


AND ONE Charge The Vibrator!

As part of their first world tour through more than 30 countries And One bring their ‘World Vibration Tour’ to the UK!

The body poppers from Berlin are primed,
their engines are oiled, the batteries are full and they are ready to penetrate the UK!

All the AND ONE classics has been fully charged and updated without losing any of their sex appeal, endurance or lubricity.
"Breaking style is something for indecisive ninny’s" says mastermind Steve Naghavi after 30 years of endurance!

This is to be felt deep, especially on the upcoming album ‘Vibrator’! “AND ONE will penetrate, wet and without foreplay, on their world tour! Nothing excites the fans more than the anticipation for the next "Trilogy 2", which will mark their 30th anniversary year!”

The band will ejaculate not one but three orgasmic new albums (‘Vibrator’, ‘Joker’ and ‘Kontact’!)

“It will be well worth the wait!” as drummer and co-songwriter Joke Jay says ironically:
"We do not have to be the fastest. Only the best!"

AND ONE is set to hit the G-spot of the Dark Electro scene like it’s never been hit before, the ecstasy is palpable, it’s no use fighting it, submit, bare all and COME!

LEAETHER STRIP is the solo-project of Danish electronic industrial artist Claus Larsen. Formed in 88, and quickly signed by the legendary German Electro Label Zoth Ommog in 1989, LEAETHER STRIP quickly built a buzz as one of the most exciting emerging acts in Europe in the early 90's. Leæther Strip has been and still is a big inspiration to many of todays younger acts and is still one of the most productive and most busy live acts in the scene. Leæther Strip concerts are always highly energeic and aggresive. 2018 marks the 30th anniversary of Leæther Strip and a world tour to follow.

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