WOFF...Shorts #1: Visions

Short Films in Competition: Visions | 112′




Open Mike by Tobias Erdmann | UK | 2015 | 16′ | Shorts Competition | Open Mike explores the life of Michael, an adult with autism who lives in solitude. He is shy aroundpeople and adheres to strict daily routines. His regular visits to the local pub are his only form ofcompanionship with the outside world. However, being in the wrong place at the wrong time soonsees Michael’s normal pattern of function disrupted.

The Fourth Kitchen by Leo Merkel | Germany | 2016 | 6′ | Shorts Competition | He loves her, but she doesn’t love him back. What’s not working must find an end. She tells him, but he doesn’t understand. Might that be the problem? That there’s just nothing to comprehend?

Waiting for the (T)rain by Simon Panay | France | 2015 | 25′ | Shorts Competition | A small village lost in a dusty desert in Burkina’s bush. Two times a week passes the train. Various food items and water bottles thrown by the passengers while passing by constitute the main income of the village, and the only source of water during dry season. Different portraits follow each others. The older one s have known slavery in the service of France, the young dream of distant horizons.

Copper Wire by Hasan Najmabadi | Iran | 2015 | 10′ | Shorts Competition | A child collects copper wire in order to sell them and rent a DVD.

Selfie by Ali Erfan Farhadi | Iran | 2015 | 2′ | Shorts Competition | An attempt to take an unusual selfie.

Wintry Spring by Mohamed Kamel | Egypt | 2015 | 15′ | Shorts Competition | Nour, is a schoolgirl who lives alone with her father, goes through a crisis when she suddenly becomes a woman and cannot tell her dad and her dad cannot understand this change that occurred in her life, which results in tension between them.

The good boy by A. L. Lee | US | 2015 | 15′ | Shorts Competition | A morality tale, “the good boy” is a film about a young boxer who accepts a challenge to fight a brute of a man only to discover his opponent has the mental capacity of a five year old. This is an unflinching look at what happens when you feel honor bound to doing something you know is morally wrong. “the good boy” is about the decisions we make and living with their consequences.

Backstage by Fouad Hallak | Syria | 2015 | 4′ | Shorts Competition | Backstage focuses on photographers and paramedics at the front lines. Most pictures and videos are of those fighting at the front lines. No one pays attention to those documenting these events and those relieving the wounded.

The Zahir by Olga Holtz | US | 2015 | 18′ | Shorts Competition: Female Perspective | In this tongue-in-cheek magic realist thriller, a young academic tries to unravel the mystery of a British explorer’s disappearance in 19th century India. His search results in encounters with a crazy physicist and an exotic female, which leads him to some other dimension.

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