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The Tunnels

Carnegies Brae
United Kingdom
AB10 1BF

Venue Details

MON 8 FEB 2016
Luca Turilli's Rhapsody
Prometheus Cinematic Tour + Special Guests
Audio, Glasgow6:30pm£15.00/£40.00
FRI 12 FEB 2016
Scotty T (Geordie Shore/Big Brother)
Warehouse Falkirk, FalkirkDoors 10.00pm£5.00/£10.00 * VIP Meet & Greet Sold Out
SAT 13 FEB 2016
JJ Gilmour
Warehouse Falkirk, FalkirkDoors 7.00pm£12.00
TUE 16 FEB 2016
Septic Flesh, Aborted
Audio, GlasgowDoors 6.30pm£18.00
SAT 20 FEB 2016
CJ Wildheart (Electric)
Audio, Glasgow7.00pm£11.00
TUE 23 FEB 2016
Ensiferum and Metsatoll
Classic Grand, GlasgowDoors 6.30pm£18.00
+ guests
Audio, GlasgowDoors 6.30pm£7.00
FRI 26 FEB 2016
The Neville Staple Band
+ guests
Lemon Tree, AberdeenDoors 7.30pm£16.00
SAT 27 FEB 2016
The Neville Staple Band
+ guests
Audio, GlasgowDoors 7.00pm£16.00
TUE 1 MAR 2016
Disentomb and Visceral Disgorge
with Iniquitous Savagery
Audio, GlasgowDoors 6.30pm£10.00
WED 2 MAR 2016
Sabaton, Alestorm
+ Bloodbound
Aberdeen Music Hall, AberdeenDoors 6.30pm£19.00
THU 3 MAR 2016
Sabaton, Alestorm
+ Bloodbound
Barrowland, GlasgowDoors 6.30pm£19.00
FRI 4 MAR 2016
Striker (Canada)
+ guests
Audio, GlasgowDoors 6.30pm£8.00
SUN 6 MAR 2016
Tragedy - A Metal Tribute to The Bee Gees
& Beyond
Audio, Glasgow6:30pm£10.00
SUN 13 MAR 2016
Fleshgod Apocalypse
Audio, GlasgowDoors 6.30pm£12.00
TUE 15 MAR 2016
Joey Cape (Lagwagon)
Yotam Ben Horin (Uselss ID), Walt Hamburger, Laura Mardon
Audio, Glasgow7.00pm£12.00
FRI 18 MAR 2016
Wille and the Bandits
Audio, Glasgow7.00pm£10.00
MON 21 MAR 2016
Dead Prez
+ guests
Audio, GlasgowDoors 7.00pm£15.00
TUE 22 MAR 2016
Mushroomhead + American Head Charge
Classic Grand, GlasgowDoors 5.30pm£17.50
WED 23 MAR 2016
Audio, GlasgowDoors 7pm£15.00
MON 28 MAR 2016
+ special guests
Audio, GlasgowDoors 6.30pm£16.00
FRI 1 APR 2016
+ special guests
Audio, GlasgowDoors 7.00pm£7.00
SAT 2 APR 2016
Corrupt Moral Altar
Audio, GlasgowDoors 6.00pm£10.00
FRI 8 APR 2016
40 Watt Sun
Audio, Glasgow7.00 p.m.£12.00
Overkill + Vader
Classic Grand, GlasgowDoors 6.30pm£18.00
SAT 9 APR 2016
Cult of Luna *please note change of venue
Somewhere Along The Highway
The Garage, GlasgowDoors 6.30pm£15.00
SUN 10 APR 2016
The Body & Full of Hell
+ guests
Audio, GlasgowDoors 6.30pm£10.00
TUE 12 APR 2016
Shai Hulud
+ guests
G2 (The Garage), GlasgowDoors 6.30pm£10.00
Audio, GlasgowDoors 7.00pm£12.00
THU 14 APR 2016
Limehouse Lizzy *rescheduled from 16/4/16
Warehouse Falkirk, Falkirk7.00pm£15.00
THU 21 APR 2016
Dead Harts
Canvas, Wars & guests
The Garage Attic, GlasgowDoors 6.30pm£7.00
Morgoth + Incantation
Darkrise, Omophagia
Audio, GlasgowDoors 6.30pm£16.00