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Formed in 2012 ,when A Certain Ratio frontman and bassist Jez Kerr , assembled a gang of trusted close friend Musicians, (almost by accident).
Very Quickly Jez realised something magical was happening and the fusion and spark from band members Simon Wolstencroft (The Fall,The Smiths,Ian Brown) ,Vocalist/Violinist Lis Murphy (The Beating Wing), Marc 'Tintin' Hough Keyboards and New Order DJ and Keo Guitar/Keys/Vocoder (Treatment Organisation had somehow crafted a musical melting pot ,it seemed this match was a perfect and imminently the World waits for possibly another Mancunian invasion.
"Sometime, just sometimes, musicians come together and a little bit of magic happens" quotes Jez on this new musical adventures.

Formed in 2013 Van Impe sees songwriter Marc Tuffley on guitar and vocals founding a new heavy ended rock’n’roll collective with a sound merging the country rock harmonics of Neil Young’s Crazy Horse with the driving riffing of Husker Du
Aided and abetted by Sam Davis(Playing Soldiers/The ginger Bottles on vocals, Keir Morrison guitar/bass and Gregor Dick on drums.

Shows commencing in June….

The Family Bizarre line up have spent the past few years working with many legends in Ian Brown, A Certain Ratio, New Order and The Fall amongst others - are now ready to unleash their melodic magic, mixing together electro funk, raucous guitars, lyrical mastery - all served up on a scintillating slab of industrial funk.

Debut single 'Freeka' is based around singer Jez Kerr's riotous debut trip to New York, in which a visit by 'Taxi Driver' ‘Mean Streets’ and Pulp Fiction actor Harvey Keitel requested Jez turned the noise down in his Tribeca loft apartment . 'Freeka' is released through Welsh valleys indie Higuera Records on Monday 6th May. (An album will follow late summer. )

Our Lucid Reality : Our Lucid Reality, an inspirational quintet from Glasgow who fuse cosmic industrial dance with anthemic alternative rock to resonate messages of love, hope and society with the aim of the listener finding their own Lucid Reality. That is the self realisation that no external forces are at play in determining your path in life. You are in control of your fate, destiny is in your hands, this is Our Lucid Reality

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