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Some Vic history!

35 years ago the Subway Sect performed in Scotland on the White Riot tour, and to quote Davy Henderson, “things changed forever, baby”. The effect Sect principal Vic Godard has had on Scottish lit.pop has resonated ever since, as evidenced by his recording associations with Scottish independent labels Postcard and Creeping Bent.
But first, let’s go back, way back to May 1977 when the White Riot tour rolled into Scotland. The teenage punk cognoscenti in the audience were so enamoured by the Subway Sect’s grey treble glare and literary aspirations, that the prime movers went on to form the labels (Fast Product & Postcard) and groups (Scars, Fire Engines, Josef K, Orange Juice) that became known as ‘the Sound of Young Scotland’.

Moving on to 1980 when Postcard’s Alan Horne bootlegged the Subway Sect’s performance in London at the Music Machine, he set in motion a chain that could be said to link Scottish independent pop music from 1980 to the present. Postcard’s Orange Juice worked up a cover version of an unreleased Sect song from Horne’s bootleg, a northern soul influenced number called Holiday Hymn. Orange Juice recorded Holiday Hymn on their 1981 John Peel session for BBC Radio, and the rest is history. The Subway Sect’s influence on Postcard and beyond is indelible and every generation of Scottish independent pop group since has carried a torch for the Sect with lineage stretching from Orange Juice to the Pastels to Belle & Sebastian to Franz Ferdinand (and all roads in between).

Dear all, he’s back! The fabulous Vic Godard will be back in Glasgow playing at Stereo with the S/Objects on Saturday the 1st of December, at Stereo in Renfield Lane, doors at 7.30 with support from 3potato4.

SoundsintheSuburbs and the Creeping Bent Organisation are delighted to announce this special live collaborations featuring Vic Godard and The Sexual Objects entitled VIC.ism. The live performance will also feature a Sound of Young Scotland mobile exhibition of photographs taken by Harry Papadopolous. These projections will feature photos of Vic along with the Scottish groups (Orange Juice, Josef K, Fire Engines, etc) that were inspired by seeing Subway Sect on the White Riot tour thirty five years ago.

In addition, in Glasgow on Sunday the 2nd December, Vic will be taking afternoon tea with Mao Disney at The Poetry Club, Eastvale Place, Glasgow, before heading along to the Glasgow Film Theatre for a Godard on Godard discussion with Stephen Pastel prior to a screening of one of Jean Luc Godard’s classic ‘nouvelle vague’ films as part of the Monorail Film Club.

But the main event will be Vic Godard & the Sexual Objects live performance at Stereo where they will be supported by ppotato who are a voodoo psychedelic punk pop, featuring members from Subway Sect and Sexual Objects here to promote a limited edition white label vinyl promo release.

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