Rulo Y La Contrabanda (Live Acoustic Set)


Doors 8pm - 10.30pm curfew


On Sale Monday 19th May

Over 18s

Raul Gutiérrez aka Rulo, the former singer and bassist of the successful rock band La Fuga began his solo career in 2010, when his personal project was ready to see the daylight.
In reality, Rulo’s music career goes back twenty years ago when in 1994 he forms the band Suizidio, and Escape a couple of years later. Members of the latter of these bands then decided to change their name for La Fuga. Is with this band when he finally achieved the success he always dreamt of after years of effort and hard work. A success well deserved.
In regards of his solo career, when we say work, we mean the most personal kind of work, the kind where he takes control of the guitar to breathe life into each of the concerts he performs with his new band La Contrabanda. If for nothing else, Rulo y la Contrabanda’s concerts are famous for their sound which vibrates throughout the crowd, whether it’s in electric or acoustic format.
The atmosphere at his concerts feels very intimate and his connection with the audience is hard to find anywhere else.
Whether you are a fan of Rulo y la Contrabanda, a fan of Spanish music, a rock fan or simply someone who enjoys good music, this is the one event you should not miss. The band’s last three albums and songs like ‘Heridas de Rock&Roll’, ‘Mi Cenicienta’ o ‘Mi pequeña cicatriz’ are certain to guarantee an unforgettable night.

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