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This is a special week at Woodend, with the Andy White and Jimmy Livingstone gig on Wednesday and then the following evening what will be an emotional and joyous Jackie Leven celebration night. There is a serendipitous relationship between the two events, in that it was at a Tom Robinson gig at King Tuts many, many, moons ago that I first encountered both Jackie and Andy who were playing on the same bill with Tom, under the guise of an Englishman and Irishman and a Scotsman! Anyway that was way before I ever fell into this putting on gigs malarkey, but it was a special gig that night at Tuts and both Andy and Jackie’s performances left a lasting impression.

Fast forward a few years and I had started to use Woodend as the premier musical hub of the west end and I finally got the chance to put on both acts, Jackie first performance was one of the memorable gigs at the old Woodend hall where he appeared in a triple bill with Michael Weston King and Robert Fisher of the Willard Grant Conspiracy, it was some gig and unbelievably even featured Robert and Jackie taking part in an encore, which is unheard of! That year I also got to do my first gig with Andy and both became regular visitors to Woodend playing great shows. Jackie’s last performance at Woodend was a tour de force and recognised by many seasoned Jackie followers as possibly the finest they had ever seen him perform with great song and tall tale coming one after the other. He was lined up to come back but sadly his illness meant he couldn’t return.

So both these gigs will be special, Andy has a great new CD to hear, Jimmy Livingstone has been getting great reviews and we have a great line up to pay tribute to Jackie’s work on Thursday, I do hope you can come out and support these folks and I look forward to seeing you at a gig soon.


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Dear all more music coming your way, on the the 5th of Feb Belfast Troubador and fantastic entertainer, Andy White returns to Woodend to play songs from his new CD How Things Are and he will be supported by Jimmy Livingstone who toured last year with Lucinda Williams, doors at 8.00 and tickets £10 in advance

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